Tunes on a Tuesday!

Hi friends! I hope your day is a rocking because its TUNES TUESDAY!  On Tuesday blog posts, Meredith Rambles will be all about the music.  I will write about my favorite artists, concerts new songs or old songs – basically anything music related I want to blog about.  Todays post is about one of my favorite bands – American Aquarium!

American Aquarium  photo credit: Rolling Stone 

Heres a little background on American Aquarium (from the band website):

  • started in 2006 from Raleigh, NC
  • has had over twenty-five different band members
  • the band: Ryan Johnson, Bill Corbin, Whit Wright, Kevin McClain, Colin Dimeo, and BJ Barham
  • has multiple albums, thought Burn. Flicker. Dic. (2012) would be there last but it became successful – fans and critics alike loved it
  • in June 2014 the band recorded Wolves (backed by their fans) released January 3, 2015
  • currently touring across the United States (find dates here)

I first heard American Aquarium while in college.  One of my sorority sisters and best friends hung out with this group of guys who were obsessed with playing one of American Aquarium’s songs at the end of their fraternity parties and after she heard the same songs every weekend, she became a fan of the band.  We were driving around our college town of Boone in her car when I first heard the band.  From that moment on, I fell in love with their lyrics and sound!  I downloaded two of their albums from iTunes and listened on repeat from then on.

Finally after listening to the band on my iPod for over two years I finally was able to see American Aquarium preform live! My best friend who introduced me to the band and I found out the they were playing at a local Boone bar called Boone Saloon on November 25, 2014, so we went!  The Boone Saloon is not a huge space, so we were able to literally stand right in front of the band!  The concert was AMAZING!!!!!!


{selfie with BJ!}

After the concert, I found out that American Aquarium was going to have a new album called Wolves in early 2015.  There was also going to be a release party on January 30th at the Lincoln Theatre located in Raleigh, NC.  However when I went to purchase tickets, the concert was already SOLD OUT.  After seeing this I became heart broken, but then a few days later I got some of the best news….they were adding a second release party show at the Lincoln Theater the next night, January 31st.  When they added the new show I jumped on the chance to get tickets because I have never been to a release party and to see American Aquarium live again.  A small group of us ended up going together and although we didn’t get to be as close to the stage here it was still an amazing concert.


American Aquarium @ Lincoln Theatre


American Aquarium @ Lincoln Theatre

If you have not heard of American Aquarium, I hope this blog post gets you interested!  I will end today’s post with a music video off of the newest album, Wolves – Man I’m Supposed To Be.

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