Find Your Greatness.

I woke up before my alarm this morning and when I looked at the time, I groaned.  Trying to go back to sleep didn’t work, so I went ahead and got up.  I went downstairs to get my usual breakfast, strawberry greek yogurt and coffee with almond milk.  As usual I sat down with my food and started scrolling through Facebook on my phone.  While doing so I came across a link that two of my friends that shared a Nike commercial so I clicked to watch.

The video was very motivational to me to turn my day around!  While watching I ate my morning meal and decided that although I was unhappy that I woke up before my alarm (I love my sleep) its time for me to get moving with my day.  Here’s to the rise and shine & welcome the the grind!

Stay tuned to another post later today about my Themed Thursdays. Have a kick butt day y’all!

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