ThrowBack Trip – Bahamas Cruise

Welcome to the first Themed Thursday’s on Meredith Rambles!  For this day of the week I will pick a theme to follow for as little as two weeks or even up to a year you just never know.


Monarch of the Seas

To get Themed Thursday started, these next couple of weeks will be a throwback trip themed! The first throwback trip will be the spring break cruise to the Bahamas!  I went with three other girls in 2013 for my senior year.  We traveled from North Carolina to Florida by plane, then hopped on our Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship, Monarch of the Seas, for a four night stay!  This was only my second time leaving the country (more on that in another throwback trip post) and it was my first cruise!  Our itinerary was to leave from Port Canaveral to Cococay, Bahamas and Nassau, Bahamas and then we just cruised until we reached Port Canaveral again.


me & mr. elephant

When we first boarded the ship, we went exploring!  We walked around the main floors of the ship – saw all of the different deck level, the pools, the restaurants & bars, and anything else we found interesting . Our things were to be delivered to our rooms, but hadn’t arrived yet so we didn’t get into them right away.  While waiting on our rooms to be ready, we ate from the buffet then hit the pool while people kept boarding the ship until 4:30 when we left port.  We ate dinner later that evening and went to a show, but made sure we hit the bed early for our big day on Cococay.

girls at Cococay

three of us at Cococay

We got to Cococay early on day one of the cruise.  There were many things to do on the island but we, like most college students we didn’t have money for excursions or extras.  So while there we only got yummy drinks from the bar and worked on our suntans!  The island was beautiful – the water was warm and clear, the weather too!  We all really enjoyed this day, just being able to relax from our classes and enjoying the sunshine.  After Cococay, we got back on the cruise ship to get ready for dinner.

girls in Atlantis Resort

us girls in Atlantis Resort

The next day was spent at Nassau, Bahamas.  We got off the ship after breakfast and ended up staying out most of the day.  The four of us got split up into twos while we were going store to store on the island but caught back up with each other and toured Atlantis Resort!  The place was beautiful, we could not see everything because we were not staying there but we took many pictures around the resort,walked around the casino, and went to the gift shop.

We also hit the beach on Nassau after shopping and lunch.  The weather wasn’t as pretty as the day before, however while on the beach we met up with some other students we knew from school!  It’s funny how small the world is sometimes.  Just before we left back for the boat, it started to drizzle so we hustled back to miss the rain!


Nassau Beach


Nassau Beach

pre-dinner selfie

best friend selfie

After spending all day outside around Nassau, we came back to our rooms to nap (boy was that nice) and got ready for a night out on the boat!  We got dressed up in fairly formal wear for dinner and ate a fancy dinner in the main dining room.  When finished we went and saw an after dinner show then went up to the tower observation deck.  After dinner and the tower, we went to the ships casino and gambled.  I only did the slot machines because I do not know any casino games but told myself that I would only bet up to $5 dollars.  I lost all of my money of course.  It was such a fun night!

fancy dinner

the girls at dinner

driving the ship

driving the ship 😉


Ship Casino

We spend the last day on the ship causing, so we decided to relax by the pool all day after sleeping in late.  We wanted to celebrate as much of spring break as we could before our final stop back at the port where our cruise would end.  Spring break as usual didn’t last as long as I wanted.  However I really enjoyed the cruise and want to go on one again!  I’m sure there is a lot about this trip I am forgetting about but I wanted to go back and tell y’all a little bit of the travel adventures I have been on.  Below are some more pictures from our cruise trip to the Bahamas.

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1146450_10151610120283946_723714610_n    250070_10152784470570094_551570150_n

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