Soda or Pop?

Today is the first edition of Foodie Friday!  I don’t know about the rest of you out in the blogging world but I love to eat and drink!  I live in the south where we live and die by our drink choices.  When eating at home or out at restaurants I enjoy a good “coke” or soda with my meal.  Now some of you might not know what I am talking about when I say a coke.  It might be surprising to you, but ordering a “coke” doesn’t necessarily mean you literally want a coke to drink.  A soft drink can/is called different names, depending on where you live in the United States.  Where I live you will mostly hear the use of coke or soda when ordering a soft drink; it still can depend on where you are, while in the mountains I am most likely to hear coke but near my parents house in Raleigh I am most likely to hear soda.will hear more use of the term soda.  I have used both throughout my life, but usually use the term soda as do most of my family.

Out of all of the soft drinks in the world (and I’ve been to World of Coke)……Cheerwine and Sun Drop are MY FAVORITES!

Cheerwine: no not a wine, but a delicious cherry soft drink created in 1917 right here in Salisbury, North Carolina!  It comes in many options: Cheerwine, diet, caffeine free, retro, and holiday; you can even buy other Cheerwine flavored products.  If you have never tried Cheerwine before, the taste can be compared to a cheery coke but better!

Cheerwine Legend

Cheerwine Logo

Sun Drop: A citrus soft drink created in 1949, but first heard by me when going back to visit my grandparents and my mother’s hometown of Concord, North Carolina.  Sun Drop wasn’t actually created in Concord, although to me and my mom it sure feels that way.  When my mom was growing up, a local drive-in (now closed) and several other restaurants served cheery-lemon sundrops that mixed using soft drink Sun Drop.  Every time we visited the whole family got Sun Drop to drink!  Like Cheerwine, Sun Drop has many options: Sun Drop, diet, caffeine free, cherry lemon, and diet cherry lemon.  You could compare Sun Drop to Mountain Dew or Mellow Yello, but I think Sun Drop is much better!


Sun Drop Drinks

Cheerwine and Sun Drop can be found outside of the south, however they aren’t everywhere yet.  Both can be hard to find (especially cherry lemon Sun Drop), but when I do I make sure to buy multiples of my favorite drinks.  I love these two soft drinks and don’t know how I would survive without their existence.  Do yourself a favor if you have never tried Cheerwine or Sun Drop, stop what you are doing and FIND THEM NOW!

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