take me back to this throw back trip – Greece

Wanna know one of the most beautiful places I have ever been? Well I’ll tell you, its Greece!

Greece FlagFor my high school graduation gift from my family was a trip anywhere in the world I wished to go.  Growing up, I wanted to travel (still do to this day) and going to Greece was my first chance at leaving the United States!  I got to travel in the beautiful country for two weeks and if I could go back tomorrow I would, but it was such an amazing time.  I won’t bore you with all the small details, just lots of pictures I took!

flight to Greece

flying to Greece

night flying to Greece

overnight or early morning flying to Greece

Parthenon - Greece

the iconic Parthenon  

One of the first places I got to see was the iconic Parthenon.  It did not disappoint!

Me & Aunt Liz Meredith Parthenon

Me & Marion

We also drove around the city of Athens, Greece and took many stops along the way.

Greece Greece Greece Greece

Got to hit up a Greek concert too!

Concert Concert Concert

For part of my stay I was able to travel to the wonderful island of Mykonos! However it is fondly called “My Island” by me. 🙂

ferry boat


drinks sunshine

206190_10150248472148946_8117582_n 254207_10150248463403946_5764850_n 250101_10150248471628946_7316226_n


199892_10150248476023946_5511328_n 251631_10150248473818946_7949930_n

If you have a chance to go – DO IT, I LOVE THIS PLACE!

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